Durras Lake Opening - Photo Essay 2020

There is something very special about an estuary opening to the sea. It’s an abrupt and dramatic transformation that breathes a new and different life into this complex system.

On the back of one of the worst bushfire seasons on the NSW South Coast the rain suddenly arrived.  My father and I heard an estuary that I spent a lot of time growing up was opening. Neither of us had witnessed this estuary opening but had always wanted to.  At a moments notice we hopped into the car and drove two hours only to miss it opening to the sea.  But in the end that didn’t matter.

With the wind, rain and sand cutting through everything we were wearing, all we could do is smile in awe of the sheer force and dramatic change we were witnessing. With little time to think about anything other than what is going on in front of you I make me feel alive and connected to the places and people I care about most.  


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