Wollemi Pine; Surviving the Furnace

There is a secret canyon in the 2 hours west of Sydney Australia. It contains the only known wild populations of a 200 million year old species.

A species that disappeared from the fossil record 2 million years ago, only to be discovered in 1994.Since then scientists have learnt a lot about the Wollemi Pine (Wollemia nobilis), and one of the things they have learnt is how to establish new populations. Insurance populations in case the wild plants were ever impacted by climate change, fire or disease.

Those new populations were established in other secret gullies; deep wet canyons so far apart that a single catastrophic event should never impact them all. But are these populations really safe?

Format: 5 minute documentary 

Director - Michael Lawrence-Taylor
Producer - Chantelle Doyle
Cinematographer - Michael Lawrence-Taylor
Editor - Michael Lawrence-Taylor


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