Michael Lawrence-Taylor is an award-winning documentary director and  producer based on the NSW South Coast. He is passionate about telling compelling stories about the environment, science, and mental health.

After moving to Darwin in my 20s that I fell in love with documentary.  I traveled to many remote places across the Top End of Australia to film projects focused on human centred stories about research, the environment, and connections to Country. It was these unique experiences that drove me to do further study completing a Masters of Screen Arts - Documentary at the Australian Film Television and Radio School 2020. I got to work with  many other creative professionals and incidentally explored my own story through documentary. Unseen is my debut documentary that is my own experience about  living with undiagnosed Attention Defecit Hyperactive Disorder. Today Michael lives and works on the NSW South Coast, working as a freelance director, producer, photographyer and editor. 


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