For Michael, Canoe Polo is not about competing, it is about believing in himself again.

Growing up in Canberra Michael has always felt different. But when he found Canoe Polo at the age of twelve, he found a community where he didn't feel different. At High School, he was bullied for playing the sport he loved. He internalised this bullying and started to tell himself the negative things his school peers were telling him. Now at 29, alone on the water, Michael reveals something he has been hiding from everyone. Through Canoe Polo Michael seeks to confront his demons and believe in himself again.

FeaturingMichael Lawrence-Taylor
DirectorMichael Lawrence-Taylor
ProducerMichael Lawrence Taylor
Cinematographer - Samuel Steinle
Editor - Jamyka Blattmann
Original Music - Daniel O’Brien
Sound Design - Alfred Faber
Colour - Tommy Morgan

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